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Periodontal disease is the main cause of bone loss in the mouth, though there are other reasons such as dentures that don't fit right, and trauma. The bone grafting procedure is a great way to replace lost bone tissue and help natural bone growth. Bone grafting is a versatile procedure which fulfills a wide variety of functions. A bone graft is sometimes required to create a stable foundation for dental implants or to stop the progression of periodontal disease.

There are many types of bone grafts. The following are some of the most common kinds:

  • Autogenous bone graft- In an autogenous bone graft, bone is removed from somewhere else in the body and implanted in the mouth. Common donor sites for bone grafting include the pelvis, chin and posterior ramus of the jaw.
  • Allograft- Synthetic bone can be created in the laboratory and used in the bone grafting procedure. Bone can also be obtained from a bone bank (cadaver).
  • Xenograft- this is the implantation of bovine (cow) bone. A xenograft is safe and has been used successfully for many years.

Reasons for bone grafting:

Dental implants- dental implants are the preferred method for replacing missing teeth. If the jawbone lacks the needed quantity or quality of bone, the implant may not be as successful. Bone grafting can help strengthen or thicken the implant site.

Sinus lift- A sinus lit includes lifting the sinus membrane and grafting bone onto the sinus floor so that implants can be placed.

Ridge augmentation- Ridges in the bone can occur due to trauma, injury, birth defects, or severe periodontal disease. The bone graft is used to fill in the ridge and make the jawbone a uniform shape.

Bone grafting is a fairly simple procedure which may be performed under local anesthetic. Initially, the grafting material needs to either be harvested or prepared for insertion. A small incision is made in the gum tissue and then gently separated from the bone. The bone grafting material is then placed at the affected site. The gum in sutured in place and a follow up appointment will need to be made within 10 days to assess progress. Bone grafting is a highly successful treatment and a good base for further periodontal restorations. 

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